Daily Archives: October 24, 2014

Happy Halloween !!!!!!

This morning I was met by some very buy levaquin online scary characters on my trip around the school.  I was talking to some of our favourite superheroes including Spiderman, Batman and Robin.  I had to creep my way along the senior corridor as I spied a very scary grim reaper leaning against the wall….spoooooky!  


DSCF5194 (Medium) DSCF5202 (Medium) DSCF5172 (Medium) DSCF5191 (Medium)

Downstairs I met some friendly witches and a host of soldiers, ghosts, draculas and pirates along with some very suspicious looking doctors….eeeek!  

DSCF5183 (Medium) DSCF5185 (Medium) DSCF5197 (Medium) DSCF5199 (Medium) DSCF5200 (Medium) DSCF5201 (Medium) DSCF5205 (Medium) DSCF5181 (Medium)

DSCF5361 (Medium)DSCF5188 (Medium) DSCF5208 (Medium)