Moo Crew!

Mr. O’Connor’s class have taken part in The National Dairy Council Competition  to win fantastic prizes by creating a poster and video to promote the role of milk, yogurt and cheese as part of a balanced buy accutane online safety diet and healthy lifestyle within their community.  Have a look at some of their photos below.

DSCN1352 (Medium) DSCN1353 (Medium) DSCN1355 (Medium) DSCN1359 (Medium) DSCN1364 (Medium) DSCN1367 (Medium) DSCN1369 (Medium) DSCN1370 (Medium) DSCN1375 (Medium) DSCN1376 (Medium) DSCN1377 (Medium) DSCN1379 (Medium) DSCN1380 (Medium) DSCN1383 (Medium) DSCN1384 (Medium) DSCN1392 (Medium)