School Tours 2014

2nd and 3rd Class visit the Toy Soldier Factory

Check out some photos below of Mr. O’Connor’s Class trip to the Toy Soldier Factory last Thursday.  The boys were blessed with glorious weather and had the opportunity to make buy valtrex online cheap their own soldiers to take home.  The boys have recently been re-enacting real battles in the school playground and were delighted to make some miniature versions of their favourite soldiers.

DSCF0294 (Medium)

DSCF0142 (Medium)

DSCF0149 (Medium)

DSCF0151 (Medium)

DSCF0157 (Medium)

DSCF0162 (Medium)

DSCF0166 (Medium)

DSCF0193 (Medium)

DSCF0197 (Medium)

DSCF0207 (Medium)

DSCF0251 (Medium)

DSCF0262 (Medium)

DSCF0269 (Medium)