Health Promotion

FruitIn Sunday’s Well School, we are very fortune to be a part of the School Meals Local Projects Scheme operated and funded by the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Healthy lunches are provided for all our children. The School Meals Programmes aim is to provide regular nutritious food to children to help improve their daily diet particularly those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. In line with the national “Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Primary Schools”, we in Sunday’s Well School have set out a co-ordinated approach to food and hygiene in our school. Some of these ideas are as follows:

Healthy eating is always encouraged at school and the pupils have now become big fruit eaters because of our healthy lunches.

  • Breakfast club
  • We provide healthy lunches
  • Basket of fresh fruit in front hall. Many parents and juniors can be seen eating fruit while waiting for older pupils to finish. Our local postman has become very partial to taking some mandarins from the basket to help him on his rounds.
  • Information leaflets available for parents on stand inside front hall
  • Food pyramid set up at the front stairs for all to see
  • Notice board is also available for parents and staff to post comments and suggestions.
  • We will have a healthy eating awareness week once again this year when all of the pupils will have an opportunity to sample a range of fresh fruit and vegetables some of which are grown by the pupils in school.

We also buy viagra generic online have a number of pupils from diverse cultures and backgrounds within our school. They love healthy eating awareness week as they get to sample food they may never even heard off let alone eat and the same applies to our Irish pupils.

Outside of school hours.

The school actively encourages participation in healthy activities and pastimes outside of school hours.

Sunday’s Well School liaise closely with

  • G.A.A. clubs
  • Irish Dancing
  • Drama
  • Athletics
  • Savings scheme in conjunction with Gurranebraher Credit Union
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Tin Whistle Lessons
  • Pitch and Club

Many of these healthy extra activities are held in our school hall. Children in Sunday’s Well School are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities as it helps to develop personality, self-esteem and talents.

Sunday’s Well Boys N.S. has been proactive in the implementation of health promotion programmes throughout the school community. For the promotion of social personal and health education, Sunday’s Well BNS incorporates and uses materials and resources from:

  • The “Stay Safe Programme”, which is designed for children, is taught from Senior Infants to Sixth Class. This teaches the children about personal safety in a wide variety of situations

Topics included are:

  • Positive feelings & experiences
  • Negative feelings & experiences
  • Feeling safe & unsafe; bullies; how to get help
  • Learning not to bully others

Good & bad secrets:

  • How to tell effectively
  • How to keep safe
  • Dealing with strangers.
  • The safety rules.

Before this programme is taught parents/guardians are advised of topics outlined.

  • N.W.H.B.
  • The Southern Health Board’s health promotion literature
  • Follain
  • Walk tall
  • The R.S.E. Programme
  • Be Safe
  • Outside Resources