Le Chéile

Being a Deis School, we qualify for the Le Chéile School Completion Programme.

The Le Chéile School Completion Programme aims to provide young people at risk of leaving school early with a chance to complete their formal education. We do this by means of targeted intervention programmes, which assist young people to attend, participate and grow within the education buy glucophage 850 mg system.


  • To enable the targeted young people to attend and participate in the in the educational system as much as possible.
  • To enable young people to remain in the education system at least until certification or alternative option.
  • To acknowledge each young person as individual and enable him/her personal, social educational, emotional and physical potential.
  • To influence the schools repose to the target pupil and model good practice.
  • To make school a positive experience for the target pupil and their family.

Intake indicators

Attendance problems

  • Behaviour problems
  • Difficulties with personal and social skills
  • Difficulty participating in learning
  • Difficult family environment for education support
  • Identified specific learning difficulties

Success indicators

  • Retention
  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • Parental involvement
  • Schools response to children at risk of drop out