Maths Recovery

MathsMaths recovery is specifically for Deis schools and it is primarily aimed at first class children. The idea is to provide an opportunity for educationally disadvantaged children before the gap between their knowledge and that of average and high attaining children is too wide, and before they experience too much failure.

The objective is that children generate their own mathematical truths for themselves, at their own pace, but the guidance of he teacher who offers them appropriate tasks and opportunities for discussion.

As we had a very good success rate on an individual buy antibiotics online basis, we decided to use the programme for whole class teaching. We took the station teaching idea and adapted it to suit the class. Three mornings a week five adults, class teacher, Maths Recovery teacher and three special needs assistants go into the classroom and each person takes a group of three to four children and teaches one aspect of the programme for five minutes. The groups then move on to the next person. It has and is making a great difference to their progression in Mathematics.