Sporting History

Sunday’s Well has a long sporting tradition and first participated in Sciath na Scol in 1937, almost seventy years ago! Many a young player began his career in Sunday’s Well. As well as hurling (both indoor and outdoor) and football, we participate in tennis, swimming, athletics, etc.

We have a proud tradition in promoting games in our school.

Sciath na Scol to buy nolvadex online Chorcaí – Roll of Honour

Sciath na Scol Chorcai 1961: Peil fé 13

1964: Pel fé 12

1972: Iomáint fé 13

1977: Peil fé 14

1978: Peil fé 14

1982: Iomáint fé 12

1982: Peil fé 14

1982: Peil fé 13

Cork GAA1986: Iomáint fé 12

1988: Peil Roinn D

1989: Iomáint Roinn D

1993: Peil Roinn E

1998: Peil Roinn D

2003: Iomáint Roinn E

2006: Iomáint Roinn E

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